About Us

Let me share my story..
The picture on the left represents the person I used to be the broken, unhappy, ready to give up on life. And the picture on the right is of me finding the person I am and learning to love her as she is. Many don't understand why I started Contagious Curves being I'm not that person anymore but the truth is I will always be that person. See I use to be the person that hated the person that looked back in the mirror. I was the person that when someone told me I was fat or ugly I believed them. No matter how much makeup and black I wore I was still going to be fat and ugly. See the truth is words hurt they pierce like a knife they don't leave physical marks but the marks they leave behind take even longer to heal! In the picture on the left everything was going right in my life my business was doing great I had more money then I've ever had but I still wasn't happy, see no matter how much money you have if you're not happy with yourself it means nothing. The friends and family that show up and pretend to be in you corner are not going to be there those night when your crying yourself to sleep and when the money leaves so do they....But GOD!
See the God I serve saw past all my flaws and showed me the beauty of me on the inside. This picture on the right is so special to me my arms are raised high and my head is held high because I've surrendered all my insecurities, self hate and I have replaced them with the love I have for myself. See this journey hasn't been easy I have my good days and bad days but see GOD saved me from myself and for that I am grateful. See my store wasn't created to only sell clothes it's a place were curvy woman can find confidence so many lack because society hasn't accepted them. At Contagious Curveswere selling confidence the clothes are extra.

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